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After releasing our debut album in late 2023, we headed out on our first Sweden tour. Now in early 2024 we're recording various new material with interpretations from Eurovision and Melodifestivalen, preparing for our next liveperformance in Stockholm.

Meanwhile, you can find us on various social media, publicing content both in front of and behind the scenes. Follow us for more, or reach out for booking inquirys.






Stonemountain Orchestra is founded by Oliwer Lundquist Stenberg, who leads the project and are also one of the two pianists. Since 2020, Elise Nestor has joined in as lead singer.

Stonemountain Orchestra is a group that started out as a intense music project. A project focused on crafting music that transforms musical complexity to a understandable impression even for the untrained ear.

With 'Melodifestivalen' as vantage point and watermark they produced arrangements with a record speed, they construed songs from the contest and published videos. With a tight deadline, the goal was to have a version live on YouTube as soon as possible from the moment when the swedish people heard the songs on TV for the first time.

With the growth, they use the momentum to build and shape the production to keep develop the product and the toolbox.

After several years of production and multiple viral videos, Stonemountains version of 'Bigger Than The Universe' got in the hands of Anders Bagge in 2022. A phonecall later the group performed an upgraded version of Bigger Than The Universe together with Bagge.

Early 2023 the group released a version of Loreens  'Tattoo', which have reached over a hundred thousand views.

Since then the group have put their efforts into performing more live shows, selling out venues and theaters all over Sweden. During June 2023 the group performed at Gullbranna Festival, guested by Tusse during the performance of 'Voices'.

This autumn Stonemountain heads out on tour, visiting Stockholm, Gothenburg, Örebro, Jonköping & Kungsör.

September 6th, they are releasing the original song 'Mine'. A song summarizing the emotional turbulence occuring in the final part of an ending relationship.

October 4th, they released their debut album 'Make It Work'. An album all 14 musicians have poured their heart and soul into. An album written to experience live. With this they also completed their first Swedentour.

Stonemountain Orchestra works independently without any connections to labels or agencys.

Stonemountain Orchestra

Meet the team behind

Stonemountain Orchestra

Oliwer started up Stonemountain in 2018 with a burning passion for live music. Oliwer are an experienced musician & project manager. He have played with artists like Uno Svenningsson, Clara Klingenström & Sarah Zacharias, and have also toured with Anders Bagge.

Stonemountain Orchestra

Elise joined Stonemountain as lead singer in 2020. With a deep passion for choir in all  forms, she has come to be an outstanding arranger. While being a huge part in Stonemountain, she is also active as a freelance musician not only singing but as well playing the cello and the piano. Rumor has it that she soon will release a solo singel.

Elise Nestor

Lead Singer & Arrangements

Christoffer Nordenström


Hampus Larsson


Anton Henriksson


Jesper Kieksi


Maja Asp Lundqvist

Tour Manager

Klara Lannsjö

Trumpet & Horn Arrangements

Joel Lindblom

Trombone & Horn Arrangements

Joe Vegna

Tech Coordinator & FoH Tech

Pelle Burgdorf

Electric Bass

Jonna Edvardsson


Hanna Welander

Visual Producer & Cinematoraphy

Tilda Ylenfors


Hampus has been active in Stonemountain since the start, handling both percussions and drumkit. With origins from Katrineholm, he now freelances as a musician playing with artists like Uno Svenningsson and Jon Henrik Fjällgren

Stonemountain Orchestra
Stonemountain Orchestra

Christoffer has been playing and arrangeing in Stonemountain from the start. Besides being a piano teacher, he also writes and composes his own music. On top of that, he's often to be found on tour with various artist, by latest Jon Henrik Fjällgren & Smash Into Pieces

Stonemountain Orchestra

Klara joined Stonemountain in 2020. Gracefully joining in with a warm and smooth playstyle, she adds a unique flavour to the sound. Based in Gothenburg she now frequently plays with different upcomming artists in the pop and jazz scene.

Stonemountain Orchestra

Anton joined Stonemountain in 2019 and have since 2021 taken place in the arrangement team. Except being an excellent percussionist, he is a steadfast drummer with modern jazz influences.

Stonemountain Orchestra

Maja joined Stonemountain on their first national tour in 2023. With a background working HR at one of Swedens largest restaurang chains, Bastard Burgers, she got a toolkit few in the buisiness can match.

Stonemountain Orchestra

Joe joined Stonemountain in 2022. Being a proffessional audio nerd for +25 years he has been mixing more artists and concerts than we can count. Besides audio he also have a great eye for film & photography. 

Stonemountain Orchestra

Joel has been appearing with Stonemountain already since 2019, but joined as a formal member in 2022. Besides being a brilliant arranger, Joel are often seen with various artists and performances in the Stockholm area.

Stonemountain Orchestra

Jesper joined Stonemountain in 2019. Borned and raised in Söderköping, he now lives in Örebro soon to exam as drum teacher. Besides this you can find him playing the drums or percussions for several upcomming artists.

Stonemountain Orchestra

Jonna joined Stonemountain in 2023. Born and raised in Gothenburg she ventured to Örebro to complete a bachelor's degree in music. She is now settled in Stockholm.

Stonemountain Orchestra

Hanna joined the team in 2018, and took full charge of the visual production in 2019. In the project, Hanna doing the visual productions from start to finnish. From filming to colorgrading.

Stonemountain Orchestra

Pelle joined Stonemountain in 2021, contributing with his flawless bassound ever since. Freelancing in Stockholm for a couple of years now, he has been playing with a several upcomming artists. When not on stage, you can probably see him shaking drinks in the bar.

Stonemountain Orchestra

Tilda did her first apperance in Stonemountain in 2022, but joined formally in 2023. Borned and raised in Jönköping and most at home in soul, pop & gospel.

Stonemountain Orchestra

Oskar joined Stonemountain in 2022. Based in Stockholm, he is activly freelancing as a trumpetplayer and arranger, playing with artists like Samuel Ljungbladh, Uno Svenningsson & Soulmates

Oskar Borgenvik

Trumpet & Arrangements

Pete Fraser

Saxophones & Horn Arrangements

Stonemountain Orchestra

Pete Fraser is an internationally reknown musician originated from London. Besides swinging by the local jazz jam sessions, he has also toured with The Pouges, Amy Winehouse and John Newman just to name a few

Stonemountain Orchestra

Sebastian joined Stonemountain 2023, taking charge of both the recording phases and the in ear monitors. Sebastian have a bachelor's degree in music production, and always completes any assignment with a smile.

Sebastian Wennergren

Monitor Tech

Oliwer L. Stenberg

Project Lead, Piano & Arrangements


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